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What Websites Does a Ping-Service Ping?


Having a current Ping List is important; it notifies your Ping Services of new content on your website. So exactly which sites does a Ping Service ping when you publish a post?

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Well, it depends…

Depending on the Ping Service that you decide to use, they may ping different types of websites.

Ping Services have been known to ping the following types of websites:

  • Search Engines
  • Website Directories
  • News Websites (for News Sitemaps, etc.)
  • Aggregators
  • Feed Websites (Such as Feedly, Feed Burner, etc.)
  • Domain Information Sites (Such as,, etc.)
  • Question and Answer sites (such as, etc.)
  • and many more! (see warning below)

Just make sure that you use a well-known Ping Service (such as the ones on our 2014 Ping Services list), because pinging the wrong ping services may actually do more harm than good.

There’s a dark side to Ping Services

If you’re using a Huge Ping List, then there’s a likely chance that you’re pinging the same service(s) more than once, which means that those Ping Services may black-list you and NOT notify search engines of your new content.

But that’s not it

Large Ping Lists have been known to contain customized Ping Services that belong to black hat spammers.

What’s that mean?

Basically, not only are you notifying Search Engines of fresh content, but you’re also notifying spammers that you have a new post out – basically inviting them to spam-comment on your fresh content for backlinks. So be careful when using larger Ping Lists; try our 2014 Ping list first, and if you find that you’re not getting indexed fast enough, then reach out to us and we’ll give you more tips on how you can get indexed faster.

Thank you for reading.
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