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WordPress Ping List 2013 – Get Indexed In Google, Fast


Post Created on 12/02/12, Updated on 9/13/2013: I’m working on a short (less than 10 Ping Services) Ping List to be the best ping list. Meanwhile, make sure you read the post before implementing the long ping list below. As always, I suggest you go with the shorter version first. 

Update 12/16/13: 2014 WordPress Ping List is now Live (Click Here)!

WordPress How To Change Ping List Settings for 2013

WordPress How To Change Ping List Settings for 2013

People have often asked me what PING Lists I use for my WordPress websites, So I’ve shared my Recommended WordPress Ping List 2013 below.

Keep in mind that the length of the Ping List has very little to do with how fast your posts will get indexed; I myself use the list of 4 Ping services below and get my posts indexed within 5 minutes of posting. The larger list below (of 329 Ping services) is just a compilation of every ping service combined into one huge list. You can use the large list and theoretically, it SHOULD help you get indexed faster; I just can’t test it on my site strictly because my posts would get indexed before every one of those ping services were pinged :)

If you’re not sure on how to change your Ping services, you can change your WordPress Ping List by going to the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Writing, then scroll all the way to the bottom where you see the “Ping Services” list and paste the following list into it.

As I’ve stated above, just by using the shorter list, I’ve even had posts get indexed in as short as 5 minutes, see the screenshot below, the thing to remember is that Indexation does not only depend on your Ping List, but also on the number [and quality] of backlinks that you have going to your site.

Optimized List of 4 ESSENTIAL WordPress Ping Services

If you want your posts to POST faster, use my super-condensed (the bare necessities) WordPress Ping List for 2013:


Huge list of 329 PING Services to get Indexed FAST

These 329 Ping Services will get you indexed QUICK. However, one thing to note with this GIGANTIC WordPress ping list is that it will take a while for you to actually create/post your content. The reason for this is because WordPress will ping each of these services while posting your post/article/page (call it whatever). So, my suggestion is that you use it SPARINGLY, only in cases where you want to get indexed ASAP.

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Also, if you’d prefer not to like, Tweet or +1, you can input your email below and be emailed the links to the PDF versions of both Ping Lists:

[yks-mailchimp-list id=”88811cfaad”] *I won’t spam you but you have the choice to remove your email after you receive the PDFs; no hard feelings

Ping Lists are important for your WordPress website because they will allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines about the fact that your blog has been updated, or has a new post. The more comprehensive that your WordPress Ping List is, the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources.

However, you don’t want your Ping List to have multiple entries for the same address, since at that point, the Ping Service might think you’re trying to spam it and block your pings, so use the list I’ve provided above to ensure that you’re not double-and-triple pinging the same Ping Service: I’ve gone through the list and deleted multiple entries so that you’re not double and triple pinging the same location.

As always, it’s important to keep in mind that once you have a nice collection of back-links back to your site, and your website has gained some Google Page Rank, you will not need a huge WordPress ping list anymore, and you can scale it back to a smaller ping list. My goal is that by the time I’m PR3, I will not be using any sort of pinging service, since at THAT time, my website will have plenty of other sites linking in to my content.

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Again, you can Update your WordPress Ping List by going to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Writing, then scroll all the way to the bottom where you see the “Ping Services” list and paste either of the two WordPress Ping Lists I mentioned [above] into there.

Recommended WordPress Ping List for 2013 - Get Indexed FAST

Recommended WordPress Ping List for 2013 in PDF Format

Also, if you want to just download the PDF files of the WordPress Ping List, go ahead and do so by clicking on the links below. Feel Free to share the PDFs with your friends and associates as well :

If you’re unsure of which ping list to use, I would recommend the shorter one first, then, if you’re not getting indexed fast enough, switch to the longer one.

Thank you for reading.

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By bangone - 4 December 2012 Reply

thank`s for share, i wanna use that list on to my blogs

By Robert Pugh - 3 January 2013 Reply

thanks for the list and info, will be updating my list today

By Serge - 5 January 2013 Reply

Glad I could be helpful :)

By David - 4 January 2013 Reply

Dear Serge,

Excellent information. Keep sharing your knowledge and everything will be attracted to you. Thank You, and God Bless !

By Make Money Online - 22 January 2013 Reply

Thanks for the ping lists. It will help my blog get indexed and fast.

By kc - 4 February 2013 Reply


By LordFranko - 20 February 2013 Reply

Thnx for list…

By Kevin James McAuley - 22 February 2013 Reply

Thanks for this Serge,
Great to find an updated list for 2013 but not sure if I am better using the small list of 4 or bigger list?
Can the larger list look spammy to Google?

By Serge - 22 February 2013 Reply

Hi Kevin. It all depends on what your website’s backlinks look like. If you’ve got a high number of do-follow links from high authority sites, you should be fine with the list of 4. I’ve only RARELY used the entire Ping List of 343 Ping Services. It does take a little longer to create the post (due to it pinging the services while creating), so keep that in mind :)

By Mel - 7 July 2013 Reply

Thank you for the updated list. So, if the list of 4 doesn’t make indexing quicker, and I use the uber-list, should I switch back to the list of 4 for a not-so-important post?

By Serge - 7 July 2013 Reply

I would suggest using the list of 4 for all but the most important posts :) for those that you want indexed ASAP (in all search engines, not just Google and Bing), I’d suggest using the large list. You don’t want to over-ping though, since at that point, some of the Ping Services might get annoyed with you :P

By Anita Clark - 19 April 2013 Reply

Thanks so much for the share…what an invaluable resource for WP bloggers.

By Serge - 20 April 2013 Reply

Glad you found it useful, Anita :)

By levina - 9 May 2013 Reply

great post..!! Its really useful for for WP blog. I will use it for my wp blog and also i use it for my website.

Thanks for sharing a such kind of information..
_Levina Gill

By Justin Walker - 17 May 2013 Reply

Thank you very much

By Filippos - 7 June 2013 Reply

Thank you!!!

By morzak academy - 8 June 2013 Reply

Thanks for the ping list :)

By Serge - 9 June 2013 Reply

You’re welcome :)

By Chris Stanton-Cook - 11 June 2013 Reply

Thanks for the information. Great advice re … use sparingly … and very generous offering of the lists.

By Serge - 1 July 2013 Reply

No Problem, Chris :)

Glad you found the content useful and informative :)

By Irene - 16 June 2013 Reply

Thanks for the upto date info on pings for my blog

By Ritesh Jain - 23 June 2013 Reply

Thanks for share Please keep list updated.

By Agent imobiliar - 29 June 2013 Reply

Thank you!!!

By Prince Ramgarhia - 30 June 2013 Reply

i have remove that post . but i haven’t copy from you’r site i remove cause it’s not gettong traffic .

By Serge - 1 July 2013 Reply

I appreciate you removing the post, but look at my comments; it DOES get traffic – you just need to optimize your website correctly :)

By Prince Ramgarhia - 30 June 2013 Reply

also notice that you post this article in may and i post in feb .so how i copy your contents dude,?

By Jennifer - 11 July 2013 Reply

Hi Serge,
Thanks for the list. My question concerns a brand new website…should I use the long list while starting out and then cut back to the short list once I get some traction?

By Serge - 11 July 2013 Reply

Hello Jennifer. I would suggest try the short list first. If you don’t get indexed within 24 hours using the short list, you can try the longer list.

My suggestion instead of using the longer list (at first) is to try to get some back-links back to your website. Even no-follow’d comment backlinks help search engines find your website. Also, don’t forget to set up your XML Sitemap and submit it to your Google Webmaster Tools so that Google will know exactly which pages to crawl and index right off the bat.

Sorry, hope that helped answer your question. I’ll try re-reading this again in the morning (it’s been a long day.. I apologize)

By vinay - 27 July 2013 Reply

I don’t know what to say….. I see people thanking in the post, but rather than thanking they can go and cross check the links given in the list and do a bit of research.

As days passing by most of the big IT giants are abandoning pings…. and I am surprised even u didn’t bothered to check before dumping the article online….

Technorati closed thr ping system long time ago… and in ur long list thr are many services that even don’t exist any more. Its like you re-shuffled some old list and dumped it here… good for SEO though.

Thanks for writing the article.

By Serge - 30 July 2013 Reply

That’s right, Vinay. I should update this ping list.. I’ve got to be honest though, I’ve been slacking on this site a bit. I’ll get around to rebranding it and posting a HUGE amount of info.

(keep in mind this Ping List is near a year old, and I recommend using the shorter one anyways, I’ll see if I can update the short one by end of the week: my schedule is just crazy :( )

By Ramesh Kumar - 18 August 2013 Reply

Thanks for share sure help me to index my new blog post super fast in google…

By Jonah - 26 August 2013 Reply

Hi, your link to the Ping List PDFs links to the same PDF. The “list of 4 ping services” and “big WordPress ping list” are linked to the same file. Just thought I’d let you know.

By jayr - 13 September 2013 Reply

thanks dude for the PingList. Very useful for the newest wp sites like mine. thanks again.

By Stefan @ - 14 September 2013 Reply

Awesome, thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to update my ping list on WP.

By wilfre - 11 October 2013 Reply

Thanks for list !!!!!!

By Serge Marchuk - 24 October 2013 Reply

No Problem, Wilfre :)

By Goalshunter - 22 October 2013 Reply

Nice work buddy

By Serge Marchuk - 24 October 2013 Reply

Thanks Goalshunter :)

By icezy - 23 October 2013 Reply

Good, thanks for sharing

By Serge Marchuk - 24 October 2013 Reply

Sure thing, Icezy. Best of luck to you; if you have any questions, feel free to ask em here :)

By conservativeread - 2 November 2013 Reply

what is the best ping list current ?

By Serge Marchuk - 19 November 2013 Reply

Go with the shorter of the two lists, that should be plenty to begin with.

You can also make sure that your indexing is faster by adding your site to Google Webmaster Tools and submitting a sitemap

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By dzikinynacz - 17 December 2013 Reply

Thanks for the ping list

By John Adams - 8 January 2014 Reply

Nice list, thanks for sharing

By Davod - 19 January 2014 Reply

Thanks for the list. Im using them all because for some reason my posts are taking a while to index.

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