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How to Make Money Online With Tumblr Using PPC Advertisers


Tumblr is one of the most popular Social Networks on the planet, with hundreds of millions of accounts, and tens of millions of active users at any given moment. Now, Take those tens of millions of active users, and combine them with the fact that Tumblr allows you to post advertising (i.e. Adsense and Chitika, among other Pay Per Click Ads) and affiliate links, and you have an interesting recipe.

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Even though 99% of people on Tumblr are there to express themselves and have fun, there are a select few that know a sweet little secret; You can make a KILLING by using Pay Per Click Advertising on Tumblr! Read on to see how I made $3,078.96 in one month using PPC Advertising on Tumblr and a few other websites!


Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the best ways to make money online, once you have traffic, of course. I won’t reveal what tumblr profiles I use to make my money with, but I’ve created a tumblr account specifically for this tutorial, you can visit it at to see what I’m talking about and my recommended pay per click ad placement..

The BEST and most popular Pay Per Click advertiser is Google Adsense and it just so happens that you can have Adsense ads on Tumblr! To date, I have yet to find a better ad system than Adsense; with my experience, Adsense pays more than the competition, has a higher click-through ratio (referred to as the CTR), and I’ve never had issues with not receiving a payment owed to me.


The Cost Per Click varies with Google Adsense based on some variables that Google Adsense will not reveal. All we know is that Adsense has an algorithm that looks at the layout of your site, where the ad is placed on the page, what the advertiser is paying to for the given keyword, which keyword you’re targeting, and several other factors. There are keywords that pay anywhere from $.05 per click, and there are even documented instances where people were even paid as high as $120 per click! And that’s the beauty of Pay Per Click Advertising; Figure out what keyword you want to target, and pursue that!


There are tools to help you figure out which keywords pay the most, and how many advertisers are targeting those keywords, I’d suggest you do some Keyword Research before picking a high-paying keyword; If you pick something that pays up to $20 per click, but there are no advertisers, or it’s too “saturated” of a niche, then you might have issues getting traffic to your site, which will lead to unsteady earnings.


To get an account with one of the web’s most Trusted and Prestigious Pay Per Click Advertisers, AdSense, you need to apply for an account with Adsense. You can do so by visiting AdSense at THIS LINK.

If you’ve got a Google Account, you can skip the following Step:
If you don’t currently have a Google account, you can create one. You will have to provide an active email address, since you will need to Verify it, as well as the other Account Details, when done, press Submit and you will be taken to a screen that tells you that you need to verify the email address in order to be able to participate in the Pay Per Click Advertising Program provided by Google Adsense.

How To: Adsense Signup Process; Step 1
How To: Adsense Signup Process; Step 1
How To: Adsense Signup Process; Step 2
How To: Adsense Signup Process; Step 2

After you’ve Verified your AdSense Account, you will be asked to submit some more information, such as the website that your Pay Per Click Ads will be shown on and you will have to check that you’ve read the AdSense Program Policies (which I highly suggest you do) and press Continue:

How To: Adsense Signup Process; Step 3
How To: Adsense Signup Process; Step 3

After you’ve clicked Continue, your application will be submitted for Review. Now, depending on how many followers you have and how often you post, you might be better off using a website instead of your Tumblr Address because Pay Per Click Advertisers want to make sure that you will have a good visitor count before they let you put their Pay Per Click Ads on your site/Tumblr. Either way, it shouldn’t take too long for you to get approved (1 to 3 days MAX)

Once you’re approved for Google Adsense – Pay Per Click Advertising, you will want to create some Pay Per Click ads.


After you’ve created the Google Adsense Ads that you want to use on your Tumblr, You will need to add it to your Tumblr Account. you can do so by visiting our



But don’t forget; It’s important to read the Terms of Service and the Usage Agreement of any Pay Per Click Advertiser you’re considering to use to avoid having to fix things later.

Thank you for reading.

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9 Responses to “How to Make Money Online With Tumblr Using PPC Advertisers”

By Jecquelou - 2 August 2012 Reply

I thought it’ only google on which we can make an adsense, I was surprise when i knew about this thing though I know I sounded really weird. But either way you could always have some earnings if you will just try and enrich your skill that will make you a competent one.

By Serge - 7 August 2012 Reply

Jecquelou, I agree, if you practice and write QUALITY content, you will not only get better, but make more with ANYTHING that you do. Adsense is just one of many advertisers out there, and advertising is just one of many ways to make money online 🙂

By bobby - 25 November 2012 Reply

do you have to have a credit card for this?

By Serge - 25 November 2012 Reply

Bobby, Adsense does not require any credit card info. You sign up for an account with Google and then you will just need to set up a method for Google to pay you. There are several different methods of payment; I use direct-deposit 🙂

By Sara - 27 November 2012 Reply

is this real or a scam? do you really get money??

By Serge - 27 November 2012 Reply

Oh I really do get money 🙂 Not all of it is from Tumblr, but here’s a screenshot of today (click here) Sorry for the overlay text, I don’t want someone stealing that screenshot for use later 🙂

By Mike - 28 November 2012 Reply

how many followers do you have on tumblr and how many unique visitors every day? is your earning only from one tumblr blog or do you have more of them with alot of followers? Thanks

By Serge - 30 November 2012 Reply

Tumblrs on one of my profiles exceed 10k, I have ads on a few of my Tumblr Profiles which bring in anywhere from $5 – $50 per day. The rest of my ad revenue comes in from various other websites I run that are linked to my Tumblr Profiles 🙂

By Jauncy - 25 March 2013 Reply

Someone in my Tumblr group shared this website with us so I came to check it out. Good stuff.

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