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How To Set Up Your Company Website Profile on


So a few days ago, I posted about Google’s latest update (which isn’t perfect, by the way), and said that I would do some research and information about how to get your own company profile into Wikipedia.

Well, I did research and was able to successfully create 2 out of 3 pages for some of my websites. Since you’re reading this, you undoubtedly know the value of having a page on Wikipedia about your company or website; not only do you get to have a website profile in the Google SERPs, but you also get a valuable backlink from Wikipedia to your website, raising your search-engine trust-level substantially.

I’ll be honest, since Wikipedia is a Volunteer-moderated community, it’s really hard to get a page (or article) approved. Especially because something that may be OK with one person, might not “fly” with the next. So, Instead of telling you that there’s a trick to getting your Wikipedia pages approved (which would be a lie), I’ll give you a few suggestions and pointers to give you a better chance.

1. Create (and Use) a Wikipedia Account

If you’re planning on creating a page on Wikipedia, I’d suggest you go to their site and create an account. The reason? Because if you’ve got an account created, your updates won’t look as spammy; you’ll be a Wikipedian.

Sure, you can edit articles without an account, but look at it this way: The Wikipedia Community is all volunteer; people that are volunteering and monitoring the articles do it because they believe in what they do, and if you have an account set up – you show that you’re “in it for the long term”.

What you also want to do (once your account is created), is edit a few articles: fix spelling errors, add facts, references, etc. – this will build your profile’s trust in the niche you’re editing.

2. Read About Writing

Wooh! That sounds exciting!

It isn’t. It’s like English 101, but Wikipedia 101. Before you write your own page or article on Wikipedia, I would suggest checking out Wikipedia’s Writing Better Articles [article]. You don’t have to read the entire thing (almost 10k words), but at least skim through the sections so get a general idea of what Wikipedia Editors look for.

3. Visit the Hall of Shame

That’s not exactly what it’s called, but still; you get the point: a directory of declined Wikipedia articles (with reasons!).

The declined articles are sorted by reason(s), so take a look at that section and some of the reasoning behind the declined articles. There is a chance that your article might get moved to that section as well, so be ready to read the notes and adjust your article as needed.

Don’t forget the F.A.Q.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions as well; there are some good questions and good answers in there.

The one you will want to know about is question number 9:

Can I start a [Wikipedia] article about myself or my company?
We strongly discourage this. Wikipedia is intended to be an objective resource, and it’s very, very difficult for people to be fully objective about themselves or their company.
If your life and achievements are verifiable and genuinely notable, then sooner or later someone else will probably create an article about you. If you write an article about yourself, the chances are pretty good that it will be deleted, and people may say uncomplimentary things about you on the talk page.
Please note also that anything you write on Wikipedia will be mercilessly edited by others. Sometimes people who write about themselves end up requesting that their articles be deleted because the original piece has, over time, changed in ways they didn’t like.
If you are unsure whether to create an article about yourself, you may consider visiting Wikipedia:Articles for creation and submitting your article for review.
Question Source: Wikipedia FAQ

Basically, if you remain objective when writing your article, then it should be fine. Having said that, make sure that you can back your article up with genuine, verifiable sources. If you list your (or your company’s) achievements, make sure to reference the magazine, newspaper, or internet article (like Press Release, etc.): This will raise the likelyhood of your article being approved.

and Finally, Create your Article

Once you’ve touched up on how to edit Wikipedia articles and how to create Wikipedia articles, you should be ready to create your Wikipedia article.

Infoboxes are Important

From what I’ve been able to see in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Listings, Google gets information from the first [full] sentence of the Wikipedia article, certain parts of the Infobox, and other portions of Wikipedia (i.e. Wikipedia awards section(s) linking to the company/website article). This is by no means the simplicity of it, but that’s the basics.

So, in order to make it easier for Google to know what to put up on your Website/Company Profile in SERPs, be sure to use the appropriate Infobox; a list of Wikipedia Infobox Templates can be found here. To save you some time, here are the templates for the Website Infobox and the Company Infobox.

If you have any questions about the infoboxes, let me know and I’ll help you out – I’m working on a few tutorials at the moment ;)

How To Set Up an Article About Your Website/Company on Wikipedia

Basically, if you follow these 5 steps, you should be able to create an informational page for your company and/or website:

  1. Create a Wikipedia Account
  2. Edit a few articles a day (Spelling, Grammar, Sources, interlinking to other Wikipedia articles, etc.)
  3. Edit your User Profile – add information about who you are, what you do, etc. Do NOT list your company/website in your user profile
  4. Edit an existing (related) Wikipedia Article that could benefit from your company (or website) being mentioned and link your future page in. A good idea to follow here is finding events that are documented on Wikipedia and adding to them; i.e. Shows where you received an award, companies that you worked with, etc.
  5. Create your Company/Website Wikipedia Article
    Now, don’t forget:

    • Be Objective; when you’re writing your article, imagine you’re writing about someone else’s company/website with a neutral viewpoint
    • Follow the Wikipedia Guidelines
    • Cite your References. The more, the merrier. The higher authority references, the merrier.
    • Be sure to complete an Infobox for your article; not only does it look good, but it seems that this is where Google gets a good bit of the Website Profile information that it displays in SERPs.

So, I hope this helps you get your website profile set up on Wikipedia. If you run into any questions or issues, please feel free to reach out and leave a comment below so that we can all learn from each others questions.

Thank you for reading.

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