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How I Was Able To Quit My Job in 2013


On my personal blog, I recently wrote a summary of 2013 where I talked about quite a bit of stuff (it took 5400+ words to cover a portion of what I wanted to cover), one of which was How and Why I Quit My Job.

I covered quite a bit of stuff in that post, but in order to make it as an Internet Marketer or Entrepreneur, I needed to make use of my free time and I used every opportunity around me to grow not only my business, but also to grow myself as a person.
Quitting my Job - sick of it

My Previous Job Was Draining

If I had to choose one word to describe my previous job, the word I would have chosen is Busy. I believed in what our department did and worked hard. It was normal for me to pull 10+ hour days, even though we were Salary-employees: I constantly found things to do and improve.

To summarize what I did at my previous job, I could probably summarize it in 2 words; Risk Management. We were responsible for making sure that our company was functioning properly, that contracts were all in order, and that we (the company) was protected.

To summarize why I quit the job, I would have to use 3 words; Missing Family Life. I traveled A LOT for my previous job, and it started affecting my ability to be the father and husband that I wanted to be.

To summarize the part of my job that I ended up learning the most from, I could use 4 words; Interacting With Various People. While travel was a drain on my personal life, I was determined to use it to my advantage. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and talked to people of all sorts – exercising my ability to start, hold, and lead a conversation with various people.

To summarize what allowed me to quit my job, I would have to use a whopping 5 wordsMake Use Of Free Time. By using the free time between travel, while at the hotel, while on the plane, and even while in line to get coffee, I was able to build a network of websites that became the foundation on which I would be building a company in the near future.

Within 6 Months, I Matched My Day Job’s Income

A mere 6 months after starting to dabble in Internet Marketing, I was able to match what I was making at my day job. Sure, this is rare in the Internet Marketing world, but I believe that this is very possible for anyone that knows how to make use of their free time.

Within 12 Months, I Had Decided To Quit My Day Job

Less than 12 months after diving into Internet Marketing in my free time, I was making enough in my free time that I decided that my day job had drained enough of my family life away from me.

So I Quit

Having missed my son’s first steps while out traveling for the day job, I decided that enough was enough. I gave my manager a 2 weeks notice and told her that I would be leaving the company.

When my co-workers mocked me for quitting, I told them the honest truth: I was paying myself more than they were making, and I got to spend time with my family.

I will go into more detail on the lessons I learned from my previous job, but for now, I’m going to enjoy some time with my family. Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year :)

Thank you for reading.

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By David A. - 11 September 2014 Reply

How did you make money from the net more than you did working?

By Serge Marchuk - 13 September 2014 Reply

It’s not easy, but when you find a way to be useful about something you’re passionate, you can monetize it. I see you’re in the Forex niche – I’d suggest tackling something more “close to the heart” – do something you’re passionate about.

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