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Copyright Infringement Notice… Sent my first one today :D


So, I have been monitoring SERPs for content that looks similar to mine, and found a website that TOTALLY copied my article word for word, and posted it on their blog, with no mention of my website or anything…

So, I sent my first Copyright Notice today, and will be writing a post about it within the next 48 hours to see how it pans out :)

You're Going Down Meme

You’re Going Down Meme

The post will be about how to get copyright infringements removed from Google SERPs, and other actions you can take to streamline the process.

That’s all for now! :)

edit: 12/18/12
So I got a reply from Google that they need some more information.. Apparently, the owner of the site saw *this* post and changed some of the content. Luckily enough, we have Google Cache and I was able to retrieve the previous website’s content… Here’s what it looked like when I sent in my Removal Notice to Google: is an autoblog that copies other people's content is an autoblog that copies other people’s content

And here’s my post. See the content in the red square. This auto-blogger was too lazy to even change any of my text off the bat!

allstuffweb original ping list content

allstuffweb original ping list content

Google replied that they will research some more. I believe they will find that my blog was not the only one that got ripped off by this noob. Hopefully the entire website gets de-indexed. That would serve this idiot right for plagiarizing content without giving credit…


Google has removed the offender’s post and has red-flagged his website. Let this be a warning to all – copyright infringements without attribution areĀ not a healthy thing for your website.

Thank you for reading.
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4 Responses to “Copyright Infringement Notice… Sent my first one today :D”

By ebigbuzz - 7 January 2013 Reply

i already delete your post on my website ok this is my folt i can not display your site … so i request to you delete this post . i get your message then next day i remove your post instantly .. then why you show this like ?anyways

By Serge - 10 January 2013 Reply

The reason i replied like I did was because you had straight up copied my post. Word-for-Word. So I got you de-indexed. It’s not my fault you’re running an auto-blog. Next time, be happy it wasn’t a lawsuit.

By ebigbuzz - 11 January 2013 Reply

ok bt on this time you can delete this post i remove my auto-post system working b manually but u can remove this post for my website. because this is negative point .

By Serge - 12 January 2013 Reply

NO. Usually, I’m a nice guy, but the fact that

  • 1. you STOLE my content,
  • 2. when I asked you to remove it, you simply changed a few sentences in it.

just hardened my resolve to get you and your spamblog penalized. I will NOT reverse my decision.

Next time, take the actual TIME to write out a post.

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