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Auto Mass Traffic Generation Review, Detailed w/ Screenshots


This isn’t a popular thing to say, but I don’t want you to waste your time: THIS IS NOT a push-button software. If that’s what you’re looking for, Keep Looking. This is a system that will teach you how to use contextual marketing to its’ fullest. Don’t buy this if you’re hoping to make a ton of money overnight with barely any work. -Serge

If you’re still interested in the review, continue reading.

Free Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software Review

AMT (Auto Mass Traffic) Review

If you are into Internet Marketing, you’ve undoubtedly heard heard of Auto Mass Traffic Generation Software. For Starters, Auto Mass Traffic Generation’s Squeeze Page blasts out UNBELIEVABLE numbers like 867,981 Visitors and $540,430 banked on auto pilot; But how realistic are these numbers that AutoMassTraffic promises?

I did not believe that Auto Mass Traffic Generation could deliver the numbers that it promised, and, seeing as I do quite a bit with websites, I decided to try this software out for myself, to see exactly HOW MUCH traffic I could get to my niche sites, especially since Auto Mass Traffic Generator promises to do this without having to do any Article Marketing, SEO, Social marketing, Google, or Yahoo.

What Is Auto Mass Traffic Generator?

The Auto Mass Traffic Generator Website describes AMT as a method that generates traffic to your website (or product) without using traditional methods like Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Article Submissions, Pay Per Click Advertising, etc. Sounds revolutionary, right?

Well, Not Really… Auto Mass Traffic uses Contextual Marketing and Pay Per View site traffic. In case you don’t know what Pay Per View Traffic is, that’s where you pay a certain amount for an X amount of visitors to your site, hence, Pay Per View, or PPV.

What are Pay Per View Advertisers, How does Auto Mass Traffic Software use them?

If you’ve ever signed up for a free ANYTHING online, you more than likely got a “related” popup or some form of advertisement; These popups and advertisements are served by Pay Per View Advertising Websites. Several years ago, most PPV Advertisers were considered “spammy” and were associated with spyware and malware, but lately, PPV Advertisers have been pushing to clean up that image though, lately, by banning any ads and clients that are identified as such.

So, how does Auto Mass Traffic Generator work?

The way that Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software works is that it will let you find URLs and Keywords that you want to bid for, to better target and be more efficient in your campaigns, Then, using the advertisers suggested by Auto Mass Traffic, you tell them which keywords, sites and Geographic areas you want to target, and how much you’re willing to pay per viewer of your ad/website/product. Using Auto Mass Traffic Generator will optimize your traffic, as well as help you save quite a bit of cash, since now, you’re targeting SPECIFIC people/areas for your product/website, instead of the entire internet, costing you ALOT less in the end, leading to higher conversion ratios, and making you quite a bit of money.

the Basic Version of Auto Mass Traffic Generator software currently only costs $37  – This will give you access to the core (base) software and modules. If you’re just getting started, I wouldn’t recommend going all-in for the $67/month Elite (Poweruser) package, my reasoning behind this is:

 1. I’m a cheap-ass (or froogle, depends on who you’re talking to), and don’t like to waste money if I can avoid it.

2. I’ve always believed in taking baby steps before running.

3. You can start with the basic Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software and work your way up to an “Elite Auto Mass Traffic” package, paying for it with the extra money you make using AMT’s Basic package. That way, you will get Auto Mass Traffic PowerUser Elite Package Free, essentially, since it will pay for itself by that point.

4. There’s no monthly charge for the basic version, so you can get to know it, and then once you know it, sign up for the Elite Poweruser Package, saving yourself $67 each month that you’re learning the basics.

Auto Mass Traffic Review of the Basic Version

My Review of Auto Mass Traffic is split into two parts; The Training Materials (Videos / PDFs), and a review of the Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software .

Auto Mass Traffic Tutorials and Software: A Rundown

The tutorials for Auto Mass Traffic are split into 2 parts; Videos and eBooks (PDFs). This is awesome because, if you’re like me, it’s nice having reading material as well as video. What I normally do is watch the videos and then read the PDFs, that way I have an idea of what I’m reading, and then you can always make notes while reading. If you use a Nook Tablet (which I use) or a Kindle Fire (which my wife prefers), I know that you can Highlight text and Insert Notes for review later. PDFs are also great because you can use the reader’s built-in SEARCH function, and search for a phrase in the Auto Mass Traffic Tutorial ebooks.

Auto Mass Traffic’s Training material is pretty extensive; here’s a screenshot of the table of contents:

Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software Training Tutorial Ebook

Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software Training Tutorial Ebook Modules

If you’re new to Contextual Marketing, then the Training Material included in AMT’s Basic package will help you quite a bit. As you can see in the screenshot above, the training is pretty thorough and covers all sections of the “Campaign”. If you have a hard time reading anything for longer than a short amount of time, there are the videos as well, which are quite comprehensive. The layout of the training material is very step-by-step, and easy to follow. One thing that this training will re-iterate is that you need to target “BUYER” keywords. Buyer Keywords are keywords that people that are in the “buying mindset” will be searching for. i.e: cheap iPad 2 VS. [Where can I buy] cheap iPad 2.

Sure, “Cheap iPad 2″ might have 90.5k searches a month while “Buy Cheap iPad 2″ only has 6.6k searches a month, but those 6.6k visitors will convert to buyers, and click-through to your affiliate links, EXPONENTIALLY better than those just searching for “cheap iPad 2″, since the 90.5k searchers are just window shopping, most likely for a price comparison, whereas the “buy cheap iPad 2″ searchers are set on buying already. Make sense? And it’s because of this that the AMT Tutorials are so good; they not only explain WHERE to use the software, but also EXACTLY HOW you can target sales/visits/views.

AutoMassTraffic Generator Software Review

The AMT “Basic Package” comes with 2 different bits of software that will help you decide which keywords and URLs to target.

Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software: the first program that’s included in the AMT package will allow you to enter keywords that you want to target, and then spits out a list of URLS that Google, Bing and Yahoo find in the first X pages that you specified; This list of URLs will contain URLs that are using the keywords that you entered, essentially, your competitors. Using this list, you can either do your own analytics on it, or put it into the next bit of software, the Fast Cash Software Tool.

Here’s what the results page of Auto Mass Traffic Software looks like:

Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software Results List

Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software Results List

Using the AMT Software will save you COUNTLESS hours of researching keywords and competitors’ URLs.

The Fast Cash Software Tool, while being a simple piece of software, is actually a VERY complex bit of engineering and programming:

Using Microsoft’s OCI Index (which is Microsoft’s keyword-research tool), the Fast Cash Software Tool is able to determine the “profitability” of a keyword and each URL; the Fast Cash Software Tool will rate each URL whether the people visiting them are likely to buy anything, and returns a percentage of probability that will result in a sale. Using this percentage, you can filter out any URLs or Keywords that you think will not give you a good return, in turn, saving you money on useless traffic.

When you’ve made a good return on your AMT Basic Package, you should consider upgrading to the Auto Mass Traffic Generator Elite Package, since using the additional software will save you additional time, and make you additional money. Before upgrading though, experiment with the Basic Package, make sure you’re comfortable with it, since you don’t want to be paying $67/month and still be learning the stuff that you’re NOT paying for (Or at least that’s what Stingy-old-I do).

The AutoMassTraffic Elite Package consists of the following Software:

URL Digger – looks into the structure of a website; I.e. You put in, and it will find all linked URLs of that domain name.
Amazon Tool – Searches URL links on Amazon for product pages of your keyword (great for converting ‘shoppers’ into ‘buyers’).
Ebay tool – Same as the Amazon tool, just for ebay.
Affiliate Scraper/Search – Finds Affiliate programs for your keyword and returns the landing pages.
You Tube Sniper – Lists out all the youtube video pages related to your keyword.
Keyword Mixer – Finds combinations of your keywords to allow you to target less competitive bidding words, saving you more money.

On top of the software, there’s also a community with tons of other information, help, and content; When you buy a Auto Mass Traffic package, make sure you sign up for it, as it’s TONS of other free stuff.

Auto Mass Traffic Review Summary:

Until Recently, I had been focused on 100% SEO and Content to bring traffic to my sites, and I’ve made good “extra money” that way (as much as $3,300 per month), but I’ve found that it’s time consuming, and at times, frustrating, to spend hours and hours manually researching keywords and topics, only to not have the time to do what I really enjoy: Writing the content!

So, with this AMT Software, I was able to WRITE my articles, make my content, and THEN decide what type of traffic I wanted to direct to it. I’ve considered spending money on Adwords and Facebook ads, but I wanted to give this a try first, since it was within my budget. All I can say is that: for $37, this software saves me AT LEAST 2 hours a week of research, which means that that’s 2 hours I get to spend writing quality content (like this review), and in the first 3 days of implementing what I had learned, I had made enough money to pay for several months of the Elite Package of Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t become a millionaire (yet), but when I see jumps of as much as 50% in visitors, conversions, and mailing list subscriptions within the first week of using this software, I know that it works, if implemented correctly. As you can see, my website ( doesn’t have any landing pages or squeeze pages, but some of my other sites that sell affiliate goods have been prospering and selling ALOT more. I can honestly say that I’m making 580% more on affiliate sales from Clickbank alone, than I was before I started using this software.

Just because I’m doing well, though, doesn’t mean that YOU will, but you can only find out by trying it out for yourself. Things to keep in mind are:

1. How much money you’re willing to bid on Keywords and URLs (I started with $63, to make my “purchase” a total of $100).

2. How good the product you’re selling / Promoting is.

3. The layout and Look of your website / landing page / Squeeze page (buyers are more likely to buy if it’s neat).

4. What keywords you use (remember, BUYER KEYWORDS are the way to go, QUALITY traffic vs Quantity).

Trying something new will be refreshing, and who knows, you might be in one of those niches that will make you thousands of dollars, but then again you might NOT make any money, either way, you’ll have only paid $37 and, after reading the training materials, will have a great understanding of what Contextual Marketing is, and how to implement it into your websites and products, helping you improve your little online empire in the end. Some people believe it’s good to end a review on a Positive note, but I won’t say that you’ll make MILLIONS, or even THOUSANDS, since it all depends on how you implement what you’ve learned, and what it is you’re trying to sell. I try to base my reviews off of MY experience, so I can honestly say; this Auto Mass Traffic Generator Software and Training Materials HAVE helped me, I’ve gotten 100’s of times what I initially put into it back out, and for you, the story might be the same, but then again, it might not be. Either way, you won’t know until you try.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”


So my suggestion is, Give AMT a try, learn from the tutorials, gain knowledge, and become a better internet marketer. It is, after all, only $37.


Satisfied with the review? Click Here to be taken to the Auto Mass Traffic Generation Website

Thank you for reading.

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By Bobbie - 13 September 2012 Reply

You write a good review, I truly liked the part about you being a cheap a**, lol. I will put it on my wish list. thanks for the review.

By Serge - 13 September 2012 Reply

Lol, thanks. I try to be straight-forward :) my reviews are targeted at people that know little-or-nothing about marketing, since i was there once, and i know how hard it is to learn ANYTHING when you’re new and everyone throws around big “marketing words”

By Bobbie - 13 September 2012 Reply

i bought it, (from you). I am a straight-up newbie, i will let you know how things go for me in about a weeks time, well maybe week and half, let me get things set up first. ttyl :)

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By Serge - 17 September 2012 Reply

Bobbie, let me know if you have any questions on it :)

By Bobbie - 6 October 2012 Reply

Hi Serge, I thought i would check in and let you know how i was doing. I do like this product, i am still working on my keywords, u know its not as easy as you think trying to pick targeted keywords, (apparently its an art form) but i did have some good results using AMTG. I am sure that once i get into paid traffic alot more i will be using this everytime, and when i get better at picking my keywords… well i am sure i will be having alot more fun ;)

By Serge - 12 June 2013 Reply

Yeah, it’s always easier to have your keyword research down before starting with Contextual Advertising.

I suggest Long Tail Pro (non affiliated link) if you are new to keyword research and that should help you get a leg up :)

By Ronaldo Galang (@rongal) - 30 October 2012 Reply

Just here to thank you for a really honest, clear and helpful review. May we have more of your kind online. God bless!

By Andrew - 17 December 2012 Reply


Thanks for a great review site i’ve also just started using this and decided to start a review blog on it. It’s quite a step change to realise you actually need to target less traffic, which is more targeted because for years we have been conditioned to think more traffic, more trafic, more traffic is the key. I’ve included my site if you want to do a comparison to your results although I am still in the early stages. I did however go for the monthly subscription option as well as the $37 one-off payment to get the core training.

By Star - 19 April 2013 Reply

Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my
comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not
writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

By Serge - 20 April 2013 Reply

Thanks, and sorry for your loss on the comment :

By Liliya - 11 June 2013 Reply

Good day! I live in Ukraine. Can I work with the traffic or are in any nuances? Are there people who are already working with the traffic of our states (Russia, Ukraine)?

By Serge - 12 June 2013 Reply

Hello Liliya; Ukraine and Russia have a HUGE potential for traffic that is not being used very well at the moment. I would suggest that instead of using software (like Auto Mass Traffic) you learn some keyword research techniques first and find a topic that you would like to attract visitors for and see if you can get some traffic naturally. Once you’ve gotten that down, THEN you can look into getting traffic via Contextual advertising :)

By Liliya - 12 June 2013 Reply

Why deleted my question? I am interested in this topic. I ask you to answer …

By Serge - 12 June 2013 Reply

Hello. I did not delete them :) The comments are held for Moderation and I hadn’t gotten around to approving it yet :)

Please see my answer on the original question ;)

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