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A Few New Additions, Changes, and Optimizations


Site RedecoratedOk, so last night, instead of putting my new processor and motherboard into my computer (the upgrades can wait a few hours), I spent that time optimizing my website a bit. I was able to accomplish some pretty amazing results:

Optimization Upgrades:

  1. Change WordPress Themes – I wanted to switch the theme to something “lighter” than the one I previously had. I wasn’t using all the features so there were a lot of resources being wasted – I switched to CatchBox.
    Don’t get me wrong; I loved the theme I had before (Newsroom by WPBandit); I just don’t see the point in using built-in SEO features if I use a plugin (SEO Ultimate) to manage my on-page SEO.
    The switch in themes brought my Page Speed up by about 20%!
  2. Using the PageSpeed Insights app by Google, I was able to pinpoint what factors were slowing down my page load time (such as iframes, etc.), and replace them with images and direct links where possible.
  3. I also enabled Caching and Page Compression on this website using the plugin W3 Total Cache; this improved my Page Speed quite a bit as well.
    Overall, my pagespeed score is more than double what it was before and as I write this, I’m sitting at a very comfortable score of 91 for my home page (a very good thing). The inner pages will be slightly slower loading simply because of the “like/share” buttons.

User Experience Upgrades

  1. I went with the simpler theme that (at least in my opinion) looks easier on the eyes.
  2. I’ve customized the sidebar a bit (I know I have more work to do in that department, like add categories; that will come *soon* after the re-brand) to not be as cluttered.
  3. I’ve replaced my previous social sharing app (Share-a-holic) plugin with Digg Digg by Bufferapp; this gave me a few more points on the PageSpeed scale after some modifications as well.
  4. The sidebar saw a new additions
    – Affiliate link ads (125×125 blocks).
    – A neater emailing list subscribe option.
  5. “Prettified” the Social Sharing buttons by turning on the side-scrolling share bar (Digg Digg plugin) and prettier “boxy” buttons at the bottoms of the post(s).

Goals / Conversions Optimization

I’m not super famous, nor am I super well known; I don’t get people flooding my website and subscribing to my mailing list (which I don’t use very often; planning on fixing that soon though!)… I do, however, provide a useful resource, and get people subscribing to my mailing list on a daily basis. My gripe with the previous design was that I was not able to show off the sign-up form very easily before. That’s changed.

I’ve set two widgets to scroll with the page after a certain amount of scrolling… As a matter of fact, by the time you’re reading this sentence, you should already see what I’m talking about on your right – The Ads widget and the Mailing List widget should both be scrolling with the screen.

The changes I’ve done to improve my goals and conversions are:

  1. Installing the Q2w3 “Fixed Widget” plugin that allows me to force my widgets to scroll with the screen.
  2. “Prettified” some of the CSS around the Mailing List form (and a few other subtle tweaks to the theme).
  3. The page load speeds are also meant for visitor conversions; I will report on how these changes affected the mailing list sign-up conversions soon.

What do you think of the new design and speed? Do you see anything else that I need to fix?

Thank you for reading.

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2 Responses to “A Few New Additions, Changes, and Optimizations”

By Phil - 6 July 2013 Reply


it’s interesting how you managed to boost your page speed this much. That’s an issue on my blog right now, but I love my current theme :-)

Your fixed widget causes a small issue (I’m on an Ipad right now) with scrolling on mobile devices, maybe you want to check it. Also commentluv isn’t working…

Thanks for this interesting post,


By Serge - 6 July 2013 Reply

Heya Phil. Thanks for the comment :)

Yeah, that was the hard thing for me: Switching Themes. I’ve always liked the limited-width yet still responsive theme though, so when I found this one, I was set.

I didn’t notice that the Fixed Widget plugin causes issues; I will have to look into that, as well as Comment Luv… It might have to do with Caching (which, if that’s the case, I might turn off those two plugins…

Thanks for the heads up, Phil. I’ve included a link to your home page anyways (to compensate for CommentLuv not doing its’ due diligence ;)

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