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A Complete Re-Brand of Coming Soon


So, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that I am going to re-brand the site once more.

I love where the website is at, but I don’t like the content on it at the moment… Or at least the way the content is laid out. I mean, have you tried FINDING something on this site? My problem is that I’ve had a process in mind on how I want to structure, but so far, I haven’t really followed the structure…

My thought for ASW is to have a website where anyone and everyone can easily find the content that they’re looking for; whether they’re looking for information on how to install WordPress on a shared hosting provider, or how to update their Ping List… I’ll be honest; even I hate looking for some of my older posts. Which means that it’s time to re-structure.

I won’t be doing it anytime soon, but I’m hoping to set a week aside at the end of August to devote it to restructuring this blog. I love what I do with, and I truly feel that I do help people with their WordPress questions and issues, but I believe that my posts aren’t as helpful as I’d like them to be, so the website will be going down for an entire week while I re-read all of my content, make adjustments and tweaks, and give the site a new look.

The old posts and content should still be available for a short time in an Archives category that I’ll make (and 301 redirect), but you can expect this blog to:

  1. Be a little easier to navigate
  2. Have quite a bit more [helpful] material
  3. Sport a new look (not that there’s anything wrong with this one)
  4. And have a few new sections, such as a Videos section and [possibly] a Podcast section.

So, I’m excited :)

Thank you for reading.
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This post (and account is from the older (archived) version of By older, I mean the time back when this was a simple(r) blog without the courses and forum. I've decided to keep all the old posts simply because there is still good content in them. Having said that, I will be going through and editing some of the old posts to update them and bring them into the V2 blog. If you're seeing this message at the bottom of the post, it means that I haven't updated this post yet. Message Written on 10/1/13

2 Responses to “A Complete Re-Brand of Coming Soon”

By (@plugins24) - 22 August 2013 Reply

Hi Serge,

I think that’s a great idea, sometimes a fresh wind can help to put things to a whole new level. One suggestion from my side would be to use some more images or graphics in your upcoming posts, it just makes things a little more “alive” :-)

I thought about establishing a podcast myself, but I am a little bit worried about the techie site of that (although I saw great tutorials on smartpassiveincome for example), especially if it will be interviews and not a solo podcast. So good luck with your take!



By Serge - 23 August 2013 Reply

Agreed :)

And thanks for the tip on adding pictures; that’s actually part of the reason I’ll be switching themes shortly – This one looks okay with images, but I found one that *pops* ;)

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